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I am a nervous system specialist who uses mind-body-medicine to help my clients experience wholeness from within. I use my knowledge of science, psychology, energy and the physical body to facilitate transformations for people who are seeking the missing piece.

I teach a ‘way of being’ that brings alignment, acceptance and peace, and empowers my clients to get more visible and share their gifts with the world. The journey I take them on is one that has to be ‘felt’ - it can’t be ‘understood’ with the mind.

I favour an integrated approach, focusing specifically on body-oriented psychotherapy. I have trained in many modalities, and the primary lens I choose to work with seamlessly blends body-oriented work with attachment psychotherapy.

I have postgraduate qualifications in Mental Health and Psychotherapy, and a BA in Psychology and Comparative Religions (specialising in altered states of consciousness). I am currently researching and writing my Masters dissertation; when it is submitted and accepted, I will be eligible for an award from the University of Queensland's School of Medicine and Psychiatry. 

As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP), and Brainspotting therapist, I have been specifically trained to work with all types of trauma from the perspective of the body and the brain.




In addition, I have been attuned to several energy healing modalities, have studied shamanism and mysticism, and am qualified in different types of massage therapy. I use Somatic Experiencing® (SE) because it incorporates the science of neurobiology with ancient healing arts, creating a holistic approach to effectively treat the symptoms of trauma.

My Story In Brief...

Before SE, I felt very uncomfortable in my own skin. Whenever I paid attention to what was happening in my body, I noticed violent trembling, shaking, rumbling, sweating and heat. It felt like my body was a war zone.

Cathartic body-oriented psychotherapists, and even some spiritual practitioners recommended I “sit” through intense bodily experiences and "ride out the waves". It turned out that by doing that, I kept blowing the fuse of my already stressed-out nervous system.

After I dumped those practices and focused on SE, my relationship with my body changed. Something shifted and I was able to trust my body more. This shift wasn't something I THOUGHT about. It just happened. I realised that my body had always been honest with me, even when it was dropping bombs on me, and I could appreciate that. Then, miraculously, my body became my SAFE HAVEN - the thing I knew I could rely upon over anything else.

After that, I found it easy to love my body, and myself - to respect, value, nurture, and cherish my whole being.

A Testimonial of an Online Session:

"There were so many unexpected and added benefits once my system returned to equilibrium. I felt really held during the online session with Raquel. She was totally present for me the whole session, in tune with what I was experiencing and held a safe space for me, with no judgement. Total compassion. It’s a rare healer that stays so present & in tune, and even more unusual that the healing held in my body & energy system afterwards." L.F.


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The Facts of Life by Padraig O Tuama*

That you were born
and you will die.

That you will sometimes love enough
and sometimes not.

That you will lie
if only to yourself.

That you will get tired.

That you will learn most from the situations
you did not choose.

That there will be some things that move you
more than you can say.

That you will live
that you must be loved.

That you will avoid questions most urgently in need of
your attention.

That you began as the fusion of a sperm and an egg
of two people who once were strangers
and may well still be.

That life isn’t fair.

That life is sometimes good
and sometimes better than good.

That life is often not so good.

That life is real
and if you can survive it, well,
survive it well
with love
and art
and meaning given
where meaning’s scarce.

That you will learn to live with regret.
That you will learn to live with respect.

That the structures that constrict you
may not be permanently constraining.

That you will probably be okay.

That you must accept change
before you die
but you will die anyway.

So you might as well live
and you might as well love.
You might as well love.
You might as well love.


*with thanks to my Advanced Trainer and Mentor,
who shared this poem, and his gentle heart touched mine.