Trauma Touchwork

Although the primary way I work is via language to track the nervous system, another possible approach is to use a gentle, non-invasive, and fully-clothed style of touch therapy to release frozen and stuck states held in the body. 

Somatic Experiencing® Touchwork returns vitality to the body in a way that has to be experienced to be believed. 

Children are born without an internal “map” for safety. The blueprint for that map comes from co-regulating in safety with their primary caregiver in the early weeks and first few months of life. Therefore, safety is learned, it is not in-built.  When creation of the child's internal safety blueprint has been disrupted, this can be repaired through touch.

Clients have a distinct sensory experience and may feel the effect of being touched through all the layers of their conscious and unconscious body-mind.

Everyone’s experience is different, and it’s difficult to put into words, because 'touch' lights up the sub-cortical (implicit) structures in the brain (the place in the brain where there are no words). 

Excellent for all types of development and shock trauma, trauma touchwork particularly supports the release of in-utero and pre-verbal trauma - things you might not have any words for...or any mental awareness of...but you can feel there are places where trauma is stuck in your body.

I have been placing my hands on the body since I was 12 years old, so energy work and healing is really natural for me. 

No matter how 'usual' touchwork feels to me, this way of working is the most profound technique I have ever encountered. It is so unbelievably sacred and deep. Both practitioner and client work together (I do more work than you do) at the level of the internal organs, joints, and bones of the body, gradually creating more opening and expansion, using the power of energy, attention, intention and touch.


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