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Awaken to the Sacred: Shamanic Practice for Purposeful Service - Online Course

If you're a service-based practitioner, you know that being in business is the path to your soul transformation and realising your purpose.

You already know you have everything you need within you, but you want to be able to consistently access that without needing to pull back and preserve your energy.

Imagine if you could focus your energy in a way that is aligned to your nervous system.

'Awaken to the Sacred' is the only course that weaves shamanic principles with the nervous system, and it's how you’ll become (and stay) fully booked - with less drain on your energy.

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Learn how to use your nervous system to:

* uncover your gifts (Autumn)
* magnetise your soul clients (Spring)
* serve from fullness (Summer)

Did you notice Winter is missing?

That's because most heart-based entrepreneurs don't realise this is the KEY component to magnetising clients.

When they skip 'Winter', they end up in the attract, collapse, attract, collapse cycle. That cycle looks like 'resistance' or 'self sabotage' or ‘chronic fatigue’ – when it's actually a nervous system issue that can be ironed out.

If you neglect the impact of your nervous system on your business, you won't understand why launches fail, people panic, get stressed out, and have to withdraw from their business as a survival strategy.

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Let the seasons be your teacher of Remembering.

Your Remembering speaks directly to your heart and your longing to share, serve, and facilitate transformation for others.

Magic shows up when you connect to the seasons and cycle of life.

Abundance appears. Grace enters the room. Your soul is illuminated, and you remember exactly who you are, and why you are here.

If you're tired of listening to coaches offering cookie-cutter approaches, and your heart knows there’s another way…

I will guide you through processes to build capacity in your nervous system so you can hold more – MORE clients and MORE abundance.

Invite the magic in.